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Theory of Action

If we: 

Engage students to learn a rigorous standards-based curriculum  

Invest in targeted professional learning for teachers

Identify the correct root cause of gaps through data analysis 

Use evidence-based practices to strengthen pedagogy 

Align school and central office supports to our Five Key Levers    


All educators will become more effective, all students will have equitable access to high-quality instruction and great educators, and all student outcomes will improve.

Ashley Grandberry   |   ELA I   |
Benedria Robinson-Wadlington   |   ELA II   |
Keyonlia Narcisse  |   Algebra I   |
Dr. Camilla Horton   |   Algebra II   |
Kimberly Speight   |   Biology   |
Dr. William Kinard III   |   HS Instructional Support Manager   |
Alisha Kiner   |   Instructional Leadership Director – Zone 11   |
Dr. Janice Tankson | Instructional Leadership Director – Zone 12 |

Centralized Instructional Support Team

High School