Theory of Action

If we collaboratively commit to building, cultivating, and refining positive professional relationships with stakeholders, and if we provide differentiated supports to equitably strengthen teachers’ mathematical capacity, and if we regularly engage in analysis of student work to improve daily rigorous instructional practices, then we will see evidence of increased learning and achievement in mathematics.

Darlene Morris   |   3rd Grade Math   |    morrisdd@scsk12.org

Tameka Anderson  |   4th Grade Math   |    andersontd@scsk12.org

Andre Rodgers   |   5th Grade Math   |   rodgersa@scsk12.org

Janette Kirksey-Armour   |  6th Grade Math   |   kirkseyj@scsk12.org

Latasha Thomas   |   7th Grade Math    |    thomasly@scsk12.org


Instructional Coaches