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Theory of Action

If we establish positive relationships with all stakeholders and provide effective support that is focused around aligned 3-D instruction and deepening the student’s conceptual understanding in science then we will see academic growth and achievement.

Johnathan Justice   |   3rd Grade Science   |   justicej@scsk12.org
Precious Hallman   |   4th Grade Science   |   hallmanp@scsk12.org
Cynthia Hughes   |   5th Grade Science   |  hughescm@scsk12.org
Rosalyn Pruitt    |   6th Grade Science    |   pruittrj@scsk12.org
Dexter Flannagan   |  7th Grade Science   |   flannagand@scsk12.org
Sherbrina Shephard   |   8th Grade Science   |   shephardsc@scsk12.org
Angela Rowe-Jackson   |   K-8 Science Manager   |   rowead@scsk12.org

Instructional Coaches