March Literacy Month: Ricky Raccoon visits Hawkins-Mill Elementary to celebrate and promote litracy.

Booker T. Washington HS Opens Food & Essentials Hub

IZone Teachers Participate in Lesson Planning Collaboratives

TDOE Milestone Visit (Fall 2023)

IZone Hosts Social Studies Professional Learning at American Way Middle School for Teachers (Grades 6-8)

Manassas High School is now a part of Community School

Feeder Pattern Work with Hanley K-8 and Melrose High School in Preparation for Southern Heritage Classic

IZone Leaders Participate in Feeder Pattern Collaborative

Whitney Elementary First Day of School

Commissioner Brittany Thornton Visits American Way Middle School

Board Member Frank Johnson Visits Getwell Elementary


LaRose and Cummings Schools Team Building at Team Bridges

Zone 12 Schools Visits During Opening Week

Westwood High Collaborates with Jobs for TN Grads

Former Principal Ruby Payne Welcomes New Principal Zonja Glover to Hanley K-8 School


Dr. Thomas D. Rogers leads Cummings and LaRose in team commitments as they prepare to share campus space for the 2023-2024 school year.

Assistant Superintendent, Dr. Thomas D. Rogers, shares instructional framework plans and team building for Cummings K-8 and LaRose Elementary as they plan to share space in the LaRose Elementary building for the 2023-2024 school year while the Cummings campus under goes repairs and upgrades. Teams working together for the best possible experience for the students.  

IZone Leaders Attend University of Virginia's Partnership in Leadership for Education

Riverview K-8 awarded funds through Renew America's Schools Grant

Dr. Thomas D. Rogers, Assistant Superintendent of IZone Priority Schools, celebrates with Riverview K-8 for being selected by the United States Department of Energy as a recipient of $9.5 million as part of Renew America’s Schools Grant! The funds will enable much needed improvements to the infrastructure and student learning environments.  

Parent & Community Meeting for Cummings & LaRose Schools


IZone Leaders Attend Model Schools Conference

IZone Participates in University of Virginia's Partnership for Leaders in Education
(Cohort 19 Midyear Retreat)

Approximately thirty IZone 2.0 high school administrators, centralized support team members, and directors traveled to Oklahoma City, OK to participate in the University of Virginia-Partnership for Leaders in Education’s Mid-Year Conference. 
During the conference, IZone 2.0 leaders engaged in transformational learning experiences designed to allow diverse stakeholders to collaborate on innovative ways to solve our most pressing challenges. The winter retreat provides an opportunity to reset and spark true school-level transformation. The framework for the retreat is centered around three components: 1) The end of semester reflection, 2) data-driven Instruction, and 3) engaging change leadership and action planning.
“Attending this conference as a teacher and content lead gave me more insight about allowing the data to drive instruction in my classroom. It allowed me to see teaching through a different lens. So often teachers think they have to be a perfectionist, but I’ll always remember what Mr. Bambrick-Santoya said, “don’t let perfect be the enemy of good.”                (Candace Suber, Oakhaven High School)  
“My experience at the UVA Partnership for Leaders in Education was an amazing one! As a growing leader, it was very beneficial to engage in research-based data-driven activities that have given me tools to comfortably facilitate data meetings in my school. I am confident that what I’ve learned here will help me lead our school to succeed!”                (Kimberley Minor, Sheffield High School)

Craigmont Middle School Marquee Dedication

Friday, August 5th – Students, faculty, district personnel, and community stakeholders gathered at Craigmont Middle School to celebrate the addition of a new campus landmark! Memphis Light, Gas & Water (MLGW) sponsored the installation of a digital marquee that will be instrumental in keeping families and communities informed about the important and exciting events happening at Craigmont Middle. 
MSCS Deputy Seperintendents Dr. Angela Whitelaw and Dr. John Barker were present, along with MLG&W President & CEO J.T. Young, to unveil the beautiful new sign. President Young offered heartfelt words of encouragement and inspiration to the CMS Family and solidified MLG&W’s commitment to support the school’s vision and mission.
Congratulations to Principal Lakeisha Haywood and the Mighty Chiefs!

IZone Olympics and Academics Ceremony

Principals from Zones 2,4,7,8, and 9 participated in the third and final Olympics and Academics Ceremony of the 2021-2022 school year. During each
ceremony, principals in each zone were awarded 1, 2, and 3
Common Formative Assessment Data
  • Highest Percentage of Students On-Track/Mastered in ELA
  • Highest Percentage of Students On-Track/Mastered in Math
  • Highest Percentage of Students On-Track/Mastered in Science
  • Highest Growth in the Percentage of On-Track/Mastered Students in ELA
  • Highest Growth in the Percentage of On-Track/Mastered Students in Math
  • Highest Growth in the Percentage of On-Track/Mastered Students in Science
Chronic Absenteeism
Insight Survey Data

IZone Class of 2022

Congratulations to Sheffield High School on being named Edgenuity School of the Year

Sheffield High School Administrative Team

Dr. Thomas D. Rogers named to 2022-23 Broad Fellows for the Fellowship for Public Education Leadership by The Broad Center at Yale School of Management

The Fellowship for Public Education Leadership is an executive leadership program run by The Broad Center at Yale SOM for senior-level public education leaders from across the country who are dedicated to strengthening public school systems and the communities they serve. 

Twenty-three senior-level public education leaders from across the U.S. make up the second cohort of the Fellowship for Public Education Leadership. Starting in June, the Fellows will gather four times over 10 months for weeklong modules at Yale SOM designed to expose them to leading management research and skills that can be applied to the public school systems in which they work. The program also places an emphasis on peer-to-peer learning within the cohort and with leading practitioners in the field. Fellows leverage these learnings as they drive transformative work happening in urban school districts, charter networks, and state education agencies that advances equity and excellence for all students

Click HERE to meet the 2022-2023 Broad Fellows.

Riverview K-8 Scholars Garners Awards in "Our Voices, Our World" Youth Art and Poetry Competition

Congratulations to the Scholars of Riverview K-8 School and Principal Jemison for being recipients of awards in the “Our Voices, Our World” Youth Art and Poetry Competition.  Recipients of places/awards are as followed:


1st Place: Leugean Bates, Khristopher Wooddall, Gregory Wilkerson, and Tarrelle Nellums  (6th Grade) with “South Memphis Stand Up”

2nd Place: Zydarrya Sawyer (7th grade)

3rd Place: Albrianna Johnson (8th grade)



Amber Thompson (5th grade)


Honorable Mentions:

Nikahya Cullens (6th grade)

Dorcas Morris (5th grade)

Gean Murry (5th grade)

Craig Porter (8th grade)

Iverson Sanders (5th grade)

Taraji Townsend (5th grade)

Jometria Williams (5th grade)

Riverview K-8 School will also receive art supplies for the hard-work and efforts of the scholars and their submissions to the competition. WAY TO GO RIVERVIEW!!!

Two IZone Schools Receive "5-Star Service Award":
Grandview Heights Middle School
& Oakhaven High School

Exceptional customer service is the key ingredient that keeps M-SCS schools flourishing and our community unified. Two of the district’s three recipients are in the IZone Department: Grandview Heights Middle School and Oakhaven High School. These schools are being honored for the HEART work of their front office team. All schools were nominated by parents, teachers, staff, and community members for having exemplary customer service. These teams commit to providing top-tier services each day, no matter what challenges the day brings.     (Courtesy of Memphis-Shelby County Schools)

Grandview Heights Middle School
Oakhaven High School

Student Spotlight

Pictured Left to Right: Siyus Gibson (student), Sharon Wilson (instructor), Abigail Cosme (student)
Sheffield High Juniors Achieve Highest Honors As Master Barbers
Two Juniors at Sheffield High Career and Technology Center are crafting their way into history, earning a Master Barber’s license well before graduating. Siyus Gibson was the first Memphis-Shelby County Schools’ student at age 16 to earn the certification under new Tennessee age requirements set in May 2021.  Just months later, 16-year old Abigail Cosme earned her license; the first female 16-year old barber in the District.  Both Siyus and Abigail developed a passion for cutting hair after being placed in the College, Career and Technical Education (CCTE) program.
“It was an on and off thing for about a year,” explained Siyus, “but then I got into high school, and I signed up for a CCTE program by accident and I kind of just fell in love with the craft.”
“At first I wasn’t as interested but something told me I could use this opportunity to do something in the future,” said Abigail. “Then Siyus receiving his license inspired me even more.”To become a master barber in Tennessee a person must be at least sixteen years old, as well as complete at least two years of high school or score at least 38% on the GED examination. When in training, a barber student must get 1500 hours in a registered barber school.
After guiding Siyus and Abigail to go for the honor, both students eventually earned a position at their instructor’s, Mrs. Sharon Wilson, barber shop where they’re hired to work after school hours.
“I wanted to teach what I’m most passionate about and I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be,” said Wilson. “I see my class as a ready graduate class.  I hope all students take a chance like this seriously; to get their certification and be job ready by the time they graduate high school. 
As part of the Reimagining 901 plan, CCTE continues to explore opportunities to expand programs and help prepare students for the ever changing workforce. 
“I encourage students to take the opportunity they have right now because they may look back and realize they missed out on something great,” said Abigail.
“The classroom isn’t for everybody and some people are more creative than they are book smart so it gives them the opportunity to express themselves and figure out what they may want to do. It gives them another option,” said Siyus. 
“Their accomplishments really set the tone for this class and encourage others to participate,” said Wilson. “I’m now able to tell upcoming students that I have two examples who became master barber’s in high school. You can do this!”
MSCS CCTE industry certifications have grown from 200 in 2018 to now more than 3,700, thanks to significant investments by the MSCS Board and administrators. CCTE’s goal now aims to surpass 5,000 industry certifications. 
(Courtesy of Memphis-Shelby County Schools)

IZone Leaders Attend Boot Camp at University of Virginia's Partnership for Leaders in Education

Asst. Superintendent Dr. Thomas Rogers and HS Instructional Support Team

IZone is proud to announce participation in University of Virginia’s Partnership for Leaders in Education Cohort 19.

A joint venture between the University of Virginia’s Darden School of Business and School of Education and Human Development, the Partnership for Leaders in Education (UVA-PLE) combines the most innovative thinking in business and education to better serve our nation’s children.

Our world-class organization emboldens education leaders to cultivate systematic change — in turn, transforming school communities and yielding remarkable student achievement. The ultimate effect? A more equitable, inclusive and just school system.

The UVA-PLE’s transformative and tailored leadership development increases the capacity of district and school teams to shape their own future and achieve lasting improvements in student learning. Through multiyear executive education and on-site partnership, we drive organizational learning and collaboration that empowers teams to heighten focus, improve internal ways of working and confront difficult problems.


  1. Increasing district and school teams’ ability to identify and confront highest-leverage priorities for school improvement
  2. Building district, school and individual capacity to lead transformations (i.e., to execute rapid, high-impact school improvement)
(Courtesy of University of Virginia – Darden School of Business)

Learning Forward
Building Capacity of IZone Coaches

Instructional coaches were engaged in national level training with Learning Forward
to increase coaching capacity to move "coaching forward" in IZone 2.0!